Crowdfunding and Facebook

Jun 4, 2012 by

Crowdfunding  and Facebook

I have been busy buying a company so have not had time to write.

I fel compelled to write this short note based on an article I saw today by Jonathan Marino at

This reinforces much of what I have been saying for a while; namely that crowdfunding is going to look very different then currently envisioned by the early stage community.

But the article found here  which does a great job of tying in Facebook’s “failed”   $16 billion IPO

to the prospective future of crowdfunding.  It resonates with a previous observation I made regarding crowdfunding here 

Essentially my take from Jonathan’s article is : that if we can’t get Facebook right with all the regs and transparancy etc… how in the world are we are we really going to do crowdfunding. Great point.

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