Crowdfunding Analysis Series

May 7, 2012 by

Crowdfunding Analysis Series

I have read so much about what crowdfunding is and what it isn’t.  Alot of inaccurate or incomplete info.  I decided to go the source and do a detailed part by part analysis of the bill. Slowly but surely , ( time permitting )  we will make our way through the bill ( hopefully before the SEC comes back with it’s rules- which as some of you may know, can change everything and make the langauage of the bill a moot point)

One note:  Anyone can make mistakes of course, so please feel free to question, challenge, add your own analysis, and most of all add comments to enlighten the discussion.

Enjoy. I will.


PS- to make it easier to follow this along I have posted the complete text of the language of the crowdfunding portion of the Jobs bill

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